About Us

Hi, Y'all!

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. My name is Gabrielle; I am the owner/founder of The Salty Air Boutique and I am so stinkin' glad you are here.

I created The Salty Air Boutique for a few two real reasons:

  1. I LOVE clothes and shopping.
  2. But since becoming mama I have struggled with where I 'fit' in most clothing stores - my "mom bod" definitely does NOT fit in juniors clothes anymore nor do most of their styles align with mine. Yet, I still feel too young and my style does not really fit most ladies sections. So shopping was no longer any fun for me (insert super duper sad face)...

And thus the concept for The Salty Air Boutique was born!

I want to create an inviting, easy, shopping experience for all women. My goal is to find styles that are fashionable yet EASY to wear - I like to especially keep in mind those ladies, like myself, who maybe are dealing with changing bodies from having babies and wanting/needing fashionable clothes that can easily go from work to play to #momlife. Or those ladies in the professional world who need work-appropriate clothes that do not cost them to lose their style. Or those of us who like to have comfy cute clothes to throw-on that don't make us look frumpy. 

Here at The Salty Air Boutique, all women are welcome! I hope my offering of clothing will allow every woman to find a little something that fits her style - sometimes I may even offer something for the littlest of women ;-)

I want to remind you that this is a small business. I am a real person behind the screen and doing a little happy dance every time there is a purchase made. But more importantly, I am here to serve you. If you have any questions or are looking for anything in particular, please reach out. I cannot promise to always find what you are looking for but I do promise to do my very best!

With that, thank you for stopping by and helping my dreams become a reality. 💓